Monday, January 24, 2011

Azenic Disposable Handpieces - Going through Clinical Trial Now


In the next couple of weeks, I'll be putting the Azenic disposable handpiece through its paces in my office.  I've had a hands-on demo and was impressed, but the real proof will come from clinical testing.
The company has a unique approach to the market.  They don't propose you eliminate your everyday handpieces and replace them with theirs.  Instead, they recommend keeping a few of the Azaenic DHP handpieces around for times when you don't want the wear and tear on your precision instruments.
They are recommended for removing crowns & bridges, sectioning teeth for surgery (since it has no chip air), and as a backup should your autoclave go down.  They are also a good backup should one or more of your normal highspeeds need repair.
The devices are individually packaged and are available in packages of 12 per box.  They are designed for 16 minutes of continuous run time and have significant torque.
My emphasis in testing will be in removing fixed prosthetics.  That type of situation is tough on turbines and anything that can extend the life of a turbine should be evaluated.
I'll have my opinions in a few weeks.


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