Friday, December 3, 2010

Want to win some cool gear for free?

As most of you know, I'm a big fan of ioSafe and their almost indestructible backup drives. Now the company is offering you a chance to win their newest product... just by guessing what it is!
It's pictured above, but it's hardly identifiable.
Here are the rules:


  1. The judge’s decision is final. No bellyaching or petulant whining is permitted.
  2. The contest is open to real humans only: dogs, cats, fish and discarnate entities on the astral plane are excluded.
  3. Should you not provide us with a mailing address within 14 days of us sending the notification you’ve won, we’ll give the prize to somebody else. If you think this is unfair, see rule #1.
  4. Entries must be submitted by 2nd January 2011.
  5. The winner will be randomly selected on 5th January 2011 and notified by email on that day.
For all the rules, checkout the ioSafe blog.

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