Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Octopus – Attachable Battery for iPod and iPhone

As I surf around the net, from time to time I come across websites that are ones that just pull you in like the tractor beam from the Death Star in then original Star Wars did to the Millennium Falcon.

Chinavision is one of those websites. The site is just chock full of gadgets that a James Bond fan could spend days browsing. I've purchased from them and have always been happy with what I received.

So the device pictured above, caught my eye since I have an iPod Touch and many of my friends have iPhones. One of the drawbacks of those devices is the lack of a removable battery. With my current phone (Samsung Epic), I can use my second battery if the first one runs low, but that isn't an option for the iPhone.

To the rescue comes the Octopus. This battery pack attaches to the back of your device and supplies power through the Apple 30 pin connector. Here are the details from the website:

As an Apple fan you must know various other powerful backup iPod or iPad batteries on the market. Why I recommend the Octopus – Attachable Battery for iPod and iPhone? The reason is straightforward: the Octopus looks way COOLER, and it’s CHEAPER.

Your iPhone or iPod is the most fashionable of all electronics and it deserves the best accessories, even if it’s a backup battery. The powerful Octopus, with its eight suction cups, attaches to your phone securely and supplies hours of extra battery juice to your phone. And it seems amazing how a powerful device like the Octopus can be so small and slim. The Octopus: a perfect accessory for your iPod or iPhone.

Just google attachable batteries for iPods and iPhones to see the average price of these babies. Notice how similar products on other internet stores sell for almost twice as much as our price. Apart from the low price and the fact that the Octopus is ergonomically designed and easy to use, there’s not much left to consider. Buy your sample today and we will ship it to you tomorrow. Brought to you by your source of China factory direct electronics – Chinavasion.

At a Glance...

Attachable Battery for iPod and iPhone
Hours of additional battery juice for your iPod or iPhone
Slim design
Easy to use

If you'd like to order one, here is the page on

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