Wednesday, December 29, 2010

iPhone Slide Out Keyboard from Boxwave

iPhone Keyboard.jpg
For those of you who have an iPhone, but aren't a big fan of the soft touch keyboard, take a look at this.  This is the Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 Case from Boxwave.  The device snaps onto your iPhone and then the keyboard slides out from the back.  The keyboard is a Bluetooth device, so it doesn't require a physical connection to the phone.  It is a fully functioning QWERTY keyboard with all the buttons you'd expect to be able to text, email, etc.
I know for some of you, this is overkill and it will add some bulk to the phone.  However, I've had many people tell me they still like having a physical keyboard and this one seems like a nice options.
Here is a rundown of the features:

Keyboard Buddy Case Features:

Form-fitting shell designed to snap on securely to perfectly fit your Apple iPhone 4
Cut-out design for the touch screen so that you can keep the same tactile feel as using the Apple iPhone 4 without a case
Conveniently designed to provide quick access to all of Apple iPhone 4's controls, features, camera, and ports
Integrated slide-out Bluetooth keyboard allows you to switch from the touch screen to a physical keyboard as desired
Includes a USB cable to charge the integrated keyboard
Bluetooth keyboard on/off switch allows you to turn the keyboard off when not in use to conserve battery power
Finished with a high-quality smooth coating making the case smooth to the touch
Charge Duration: 45 days
Bluetooth version 2.0
Jet Black color

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