Sunday, December 5, 2010

iPad now Challenging Amazon Kindle

Here's a bit of interesting news. A recent poll I read says that for those surveyed who were asked if they were planning on buying an ebook reader in the next 30 days, 42 percent said they were leaning toward an iPad while 33 percent said they would buy a Kindle.

Obviously, that's not good news for the Kindle hardware, but don't forget that Amazon was very quick to roll out a Kindle app for the iPad. I still buy most of my books from the Amazon Kindle store but end up reading them on the iPad. That's not to say I don't still use my Kindle, I do, especially on trips where I am lugging my MacBook Pro along & I'm trying to decrease the weight of the gadgets.

However, unlike lots of users, I'm still using the Kindle store for the majority of my purchases. I have made some purchases from the iBook store, but I prefer using Amazon at this point.

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