Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I'm Thankful For

Wow, here it is another Thanksgiving in the U.S.  Honestly, it just doesn't seem possible.  Over the last year, so much has happened and yet it still feels like the last Thanksgiving holiday was yesterday.  Every year, I try to make a list of what I'm thankful for so here's this year's effort:

  • My God - for... well for everything
  • My family - for putting up with what makes me me.  You guys are the best.  For someone who, in their late 20's, didn't think marriage would ever be possible... and even if it was, kids would not be a part of it, you've made my life the wonderful place it is.  I am truly blessed each and every day by having you in my life.
  • Vicki - for the laughs, smiles, hugs, and hard work.  For being you and helping me to be a better me.  I will always miss you.
  • My staff - for putting up with me, my crazy travel schedule, and my crazy tinkering and experimenting.  Thanks also for helping me take such good care of our patients.
  • My patients - for putting your trust in me and giving me the opportunity to do what I truly love to do.
  • Don and everyone at Goetze Dental - It's a great feeling when you're not a customer, but a friend instead.  It's no wonder your business is so successful.
  • The Royals - for always giving me something to hope for.  You break my heart year after year, but I keep coming back.
  • The "K" - for the smell of fresh mowed grass, popcorn, and nachos.  For giving me a place to relax on a warm summer night.  For allowing me to spoil myself with season tickets year after year and for the sounds and smells of my favorite game.
  • Paul Feuerstein & Marty Jablow - Because a guy couldn't ask for better crazy dental rock star buddies!
  • David Dodell - Founder of the Internet Dental Forum and a great friend for all these years.
  • The staff at Dental Products Report especially Noah and the beloved "Queen of all Dental Media" Thais Carter - Thanks for the deadline reminders, the encouragement, the laughs, and the dinners.  I can't think of a better place to call home for my writing!  I'm proud and honored to be the Technology Editor.
  • My pals at Gendex - what started out as a business relationship has blossomed into a great and warm friendship with so many people there.
  • Lou & Erin at Catapult - For friendship that just doesn't quit
  • Bob & Michele Lowe - One of my only regrets in my travels is that you 2 aren't at every event that I manage to make it to.  I'm really looking forward to the Hinman in 2012!
  • Laurel at Catapult Elite - How in the world you manage to keep track of all the stuff for me that you do... amazing!
  • The guys at American Stonehenge Films - You always make me look good when I'm hosting the DEN.  I'm not sure how you do it, but thanks!
  • Barry & Audrey - For the love and the friendship.  Only by living at this point in time could a kid from Kansas be lucky enough to have wonderful friends in New Zealand.  Here's hoping the All Blacks have a great season!
  • For cool spring days and crisp autumn evenings.  I know some people hate the seasons and prefer to live in warmer climates, but to me seeing the seasons change is one of life's great pleasures.
  • For the way the wind whistles through the leaves as I sit on my deck in the early evenings.
  • Tom Baugh - He helped make my dream of a new office an amazing reality.  He made going to the office every day a moment I treasure and he became a really great friend in the process.
  • Technology - It makes my life easier and gives me a purpose other than dentistry.

I know there are others, but I think that's a pretty good list.  Thanks also to all of you!  Those of you who read this blog, read my articles in Dental Products Report, and come see my lectures make all of this worthwhile.  I'm honored that you take the time to let me into your lives.  It is an honor that I am truly grateful for and truly treasure.

Now go spend time with the ones you love.  That is truly what Thanksgiving is all about!

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