Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rumors Say Next Generation iPad will have USB, Among Other Improvements

Just in case you haven't already had to exchange a Christmas present that you've already purchased for someone... now comes the rumor from around the web that the new Apple iPad, which is expected to be launched this spring, will have a USB port among other new features.


The USB function is potentially a really big deal.  Apple makes a decent amount of revenue from the licensing fees it receives from folks who make adapters for their proprietary dock connector.  Opening up the market to the USB port would diminish that.  However, one of the knocks on the first generation iPad was its lack of USB.  It made getting info on & off the device much trickier than it needed to be.  While not a deal killer for me, it would still have been a nice feature.  However, other rumors are stating that the USB may only be for charging which just seems plain silly to me.  You already get an A/C adapter with the device, why would you need 2 ways to charge it?


Other rumors include better screen resolution (similar to the iPhone 4), some type of different material for the case/body to decrease weight, and a gyroscope with a 3-axis registration.  There may also be a camera or maybe even 2 for video communication, but I still doubt the concept is ready to take off yet.  For me, the big news is the rumored USB.  That would be a huge addition and make the iPad an even greater way to consume media.  Stay tuned...

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