Sunday, November 14, 2010

Raven Window Uses Smart Technology to Reduce Energy Bills

Raven Window is a pretty cool product. The idea is similar to the idea with self tinting eyeglasses. One of the biggest problems we have with windows is the need for light leveraged against the need to combat incoming infrared radiation that drives up room temperatures and forces A/C units to work harder. Wouldn't it be great if your window was clear when you needed the light and then tinted when it was in the direct sun? Well... you guessed it, now it can be!

Here is the info from the website:

Until now, windows have been part of the energy problem for architects, builders and building operators. Sunlight from windows raises indoor temperatures, forcing air conditioning systems to run more often. They allow heat to leak outside, making buildings less efficient in cold temperatures as well.

RavenWindowTM smart windows an integral part of a building's energy conservation strategy. Thanks to a breakthrough in smart window technology, RavenWindowTM automatically adapts to outside temperatures to reduce the need for air conditioning and heat. On hot days RavenWindowTM reflects the sun's light and heat away from the building, keeping indoor temperatures cooler. When outdoor temperatures drop RavenWindowTM becomes transparent, letting free solar heat inside. RavenWindow's flexible thermoreflective technology creates substantial energy savings in all four seasons.

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