Saturday, November 27, 2010

Off to the Greater New York Dental Meeting

I'm heading out to the Greater New York Dental Meeting Today.


Tomorrow I'll be doing a lecture from 11:20-12:20 so if you are at the meeting, please come by and say hi!  One of the greatest things about doing programs like this, other than the learning that I get to receive from the attendees, is getting to see old friends &l meet new ones.  If you are in the are, please stop by!


Here is the course info:


Dr. John Flucke, DDSLIght Cured Adhesive Dentistry - Science and Substance

COURSE: 3030

Theories and protocols abound on how best to achieve successful bonded restorations. Learn the science of light cured composites and the secrets to routinely achieving sensitivity free composite restorations in a fast paced and interactive format. Participants will learn techniques and principles that they can use the next day back in the office.


  1. Learn the science behind light initiated composites.
  2. Learn why the curing light is often the overlooked key piece to success.
  3. Learn techniques to decrease sensitivity.

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