Monday, November 1, 2010

Lares Research Announces LightWalker Laser with Retail Price of $29,935

I heard this news a month or so ago, but was sworn to secrecy.  I've been a user of a Lares PowerLase AT ever since they came on the market.  The device has truly been a workhorse and is one of those pieces of tech gear that I just can't do without.  The science and manufacture of lasers is an amazing thing.  This particular post is one that I never thought I'd be making because I never thought I'd see the price of a hard tissue laser in this range.
Lasers continue to become more affordable and because of that they are becoming better tools for many dentists.  Lares has just really changed things up with the announcement of their LightWalker Laser that has a price tag of only $29, 995.  This is a significant price drop from where the prices of hard tissue lasers have been until now.  Here are all the details and Imore info can be read on the Lares website.

Choice of Two Laser Wavelengths To Optimize Treatment

Two LightWalker models come standard with dentistry's best two laser wavelengths: Er:YAG and Nd:YAG for no-compromise dentistry with a touch of the control screen.


Virtually Unlimited Applications

Lightwalker lasers have the most comprehensive list of clinical applications of any dental laser in the world. With the availability of both tipped and tip-less handpieces, your clinical options are endless. For a list of current FDA cleared Indications For Use, click here.And, you can even upgrade one LightWalker model to perform aesthetic treatments such as wrinkle removal, hair removal, and skin resurfacing (where permitted within the user's local scope of practice rules).

Only LightWalker Can Perform PIPS™ and WPT™

PIPS is revolutionizing endodontics! PIPS is a predictable, efficient root canal therapy that will make even posterior teeth a breeze for every general dentist WPT is the latest breakthrough in minimally invasive laser periodontal disease treatment and treats both the hard (laser calculus removal) and soft tissue (laser removal of the diseased epithelial lining) sides of the diseased pocket. General dentists can now treat their perio patients’ disease comprehensively, without scalpels or sutures, right in their own general practice.

Three Models To Choose From

Lares and Fotona offer three LightWalker models to meet every dentist's needs and budget. The single wavelength model ST-E Er:YAG laser is perfect for hard tissue, soft tissue and endo. The dual wavelength model DT adds Nd:YAG laser capability for expanded soft tissue options and for performing WPT (Perio). The dual wavelength model AT Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser offers the ultimate in convenience and ergonomic comfort while also providing an upgrade option to aesthetic treatments such as wrinkle removal, permanent hair removal and skin resurfacing (where permitted within the user's local scope of practice rules).

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  1. Hi John,
    I was looking into buying a used Lares Powerlase At vs the new Lightwalker dual wavelength laser. Is there any advantage of the Lightwalker over the Powerlase? Seems both units have the same abilities. Does the Powerlase AT have the ability to remove subgingival calculi?
    Andrey Eng