Friday, November 12, 2010

High Q Dental Announces Line of Sight Video System

The ultimate educational tool available through High Q Dental

Lexington, Kentucky – QED Medical a US based manufacturer and distributor of surgical lighting systems for the dental and medical disciplines since 1971 introduces the ALOS-TTL through the lens video headlight system now available to the dental market exclusively through High Q Dental.

The ALOS-TTL system provides a lightweight, user friendly method for collecting – or showing real time – line of sight footage of procedures, with zero parallax, from the doctors point of view. The systems new “pin-hole” lens technology, allows the ALOS-TTL to deliver exceptional depth of field to facilitate operator motion without the risk of drifting out of focus, while the CCD chip provides exceptional image resolution.

The ALOS-TTL allows others the opportunity to see a procedure exactly as they will when they themselves will perform the procedure they are learning. This system puts every viewer in the shoes of the doctor performing the procedure. Whether demonstrating in real-time or recording for future use, the ALOS-TTL system is a powerful tool for the School, lecturing doctor, Study Club, manufacturer’s demonstrating product, or anyone interested in cataloguing procedures.

The ALOS-TTL System includes the Altair HI 2 Fiber Optic Headlight with integrated TTL Camera and Pin-Hole Lens, Camera Control Unit (available in NTSC or PAL), Universal Power Supply and Nova 3 200-watt Light Source. High Q includes standard composite and S-VHS cables allowing the image to be directed to most available recording or viewing devices.

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