Thursday, November 18, 2010

Elecom Headphones for iPod Shuffle - Who Needs Bluetooth?

Elecom headphones.jpeg
Now don't get me wrong.  I mean I love Bluetooth.  I have it in my truck as well as having a headset, headphones, and a presentation mouse all using the Bluetooth standard.  The wireless standard makes my life easier and cuts down on lots of wires... what's not to love?
And yet, there are those times when less can be more, or at least a steady equivalent, and this is one of those times.  It seems the smart people at Elecom came up with the very bright idea of making the latest iPod Shuffle totally portable and wireless.  Now I know the Shuffle is portable.  Heck the dang thing is about the size of a box of matches... maybe smaller, but the wired earbuds can be a bit of a pain when dealing with any MP3 player; even one as tiny as the new Shuffle.
Now if you don't want wires, you can certainly find some very good Bluetooth headsets like this one that I happen to own. But if you'd rather have a regular "wired" type headset without the wires, Elecom has your solution.  The idea is beautiful in its simplicity.  There is a headphone plug on the headphones and the Shuffle simply slides onto  it and is held in place directly on the side of the headphones.  The result is a totally portable wireless headphone system.  Oh, and it's only $50 which isn't rock bottom cheap, but it isn't breaking the bank either.
I haven't had a chance to evaluate these so I have no idea what the sound quality is, but it's a great concept/idea as far as better mousetraps go.


  1. Elecom Headphones for iPod Shuffle - Who Needs Bluetooth? Elecom headphones.jpeg. Now don't get me wrong.


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