Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anteriorest Clinical Testing is Over - Get One!

On September 24th we began our clinical testing of the Anteriorest System. The system is designed to attach to the patient chair and provide back support from the front.  What a concept!
Rather than trying to maintain my posture with my back muscles tensing, I now lean forward against the Anteriorest pad and let my back relax.  I'm fully supported doing dentistry without the effort normally required.  You know, the effort that makes your back and neck hurt at the end of the day.  Over 60% of dentists who become disabled, become that way due to neck & back injuries.  Everyone in the field knows a few people who are either suffering with these types of problems or have been forced to stop practicing.
Anteriorest is the one product that may very well help prevent these types of problems as well as extending the careers of those suffering with these types of problems.
In my 6 weeks with the device, I've found it to be easy to use and  that it works exactly as advertised.  It has quickly become a part of my everyday clinical routine and I leave the office in the evening feeling much less back fatigue.  The device was easily installed and is used by staff members as well.
This product can change the lives of our profession for the better and is highly recommended.

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