Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moogle Robot Allows Home Owners to do Inspections in Tight Spaces

Whether it happens to be needed in your home or dental office, sometimes you need to be able to see in places where you just can't get a human being to fit.

If that's the case for you, help may soon be on the way. Actually, help is already here, but the price tag is a little high for my tastes. This is the Moolge from Daiwa and it is a remote controlled robot that allows for inspection of those aforementioned tight spaces. Current cost is $2500 or you can lease it for $500 per month (only in Japan).

The device uses tractor treads to move, is equipped with a remote control steering system, a laser range finder, and has WiFi. It also has 2 cameras, one to drive and one to inspect.

As the price falls, I can see devices like this available for rent or purchase from retailers like the Home Depot. I mean, if they'll rent you a truck or backhoe, why not a robot to inspect your foundation? I'm sure that future generations will even have tools that can be used to fix a problem once you find it. We've all got little nooks and crannies in our homes that we should probably be checking on occasion, but we just can't do it economically. This may be just the thing in a year or two.

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