Wednesday, October 20, 2010

iPad is Eating into the Traditional Computer Chip Market

Chip makes AMD and Intel are concerned, although not overly so, about the fact that the must have gadget for this Christmas season is the iPad... and it doesn't use a chip made by either company.
It seems that with the sudden onset of consumer devices that are more like slates and less like traditional computers, the major chip makers have taken a bit of a hit. While the iPad and it's near to market cousins are occupying the consumer side, the sales of notebooks and netbooks has declined. For further info on that fact, check this out.
The other interesting thing that has come out of all of this, is that Apple has overtaken Acer to become the number 3 PC maker in the U.S. That's pretty amazing.
The sales of desktops are steady due to big businesses still buying lots of them, but the portable market has taken a hit from the iPad. Of course there is always the philosophy of a rising tide floats all boats. This could be a temporary setback as the market adjusts and then demand will return with a vengeance. As someone who owns an iPad, I certainly don't think I could do without my laptop... and I certainly didn't purchase my iPad to replace one. I feel this is a temporary hiccup. As someone at Microsoft said, and I agree with this, the iPad is great for consuming media, but not so great at creating it.

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