Monday, October 11, 2010

Dentlight Announces DOE - Dental Oral Exam System

Here's a pretty cool new product with an inviting price tag. If you are looking for an intraoral cancer screening system, give this one a look.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DentLight, Inc. Introduces DOE Dental Oral Exam System

Richardson, Texas ‐ September 27, 2010

DenLight Inc., innovators of the award winning FUSIONTM Curing Light, NanoTM Loupe Light and high technology LED optics lighting systems, is pleased to announce the launch of DOETM ‐ a rechargeable battery powered cordless dental oral health examination system. It is designed for visualization of mucosal abnormalities and oral lesions including oral cancer based on proven and patent‐pending magnified fluorescence imaging technology.
DOE full system consists of a cordless wand with an interchangeable light head (White and Violet) that illuminates high power collimated LED beam, high contrast magnified fluorescence filters, charging stand, power adapter, and patient protective eyewear goggle. DOE is offered for the general dentists and oral surgeons at an affordably price of under $2,000 for the full kit and under $1,000 for current FUSION curing light users with an upgrade starter kit.
DentLight, Inc has been innovating advanced LED optics technology based dental lighting products for many years and the DOE system proves that “from bright minds come bright products”.

For more information, call 800‐763‐6901 or email


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  2. Thats a really nice instrument i am sure its going to add to the efficiency of diagnosis for the dentists worldwide.

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  4. Thanks for the information, the next time I go to one of the many San Antonio dentists I'll be sure to see if they have this instrument. Thanks for the heads up.