Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bye-bye Palm Pre... Hello Samsung Epic


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Well, I finally did it.  I'm back with Samsung after a brief second fling with Palm.
I was a Palm user for years, going way back to the good old days of the actual Palm Pilot.  I was a loyal user through many variations of the hardware and software... heck I even used to TEACH how to use Palm software before there was even a phone interface for it.  However, that's all gone now.
Two years ago, Sprint came out with the Samsung Instinct and I dropped by old Palm Treo for it.  I was with the Instinct for about a year and I really liked it, but friends and Sprint employees kept telling me I had to get the Palm Pre.  Based on their recommendations, I made the jump.  I was happy... for a while.  The new OS was nice and I liked the true multi tasking, but the device just didn't sell like anyone was hoping and Palm was purchased by HP.  I knew then, my device was doomed.  HP was certainly not going to work on fixing legacy hardware and so I was stuck.
Furthermore, the software was buggy, even with the rare fixes that were pushed out.  I routinely waited for 60 seconds or so for my calendar or Twitter app to load.  Seriously, a calendar on a smart phone that can't load?  That's unacceptable.
When the EVO came out from Sprint, I was tempted, but I'd had good luck with Samsung before.  The Driod OS has proved itself and I wanted something fast and 4G.
My overall impressions so far?  Well, I've had it now for about 15 hours... but I like it.  This thing is blazing fast with loading apps.  The 4G speeds scream, but I knew that already.  It has an interchangeable battery and I bought the spare battery charger so really, I don't care that much about battery life.  The slide out keyboard is very nice and easy on the fingers.  It also has a memory card slot so I'm not going to bump into a low memory situation.  Oh, and the screen is just blow you away impressive.  Add to that the great Sprint customer experience I had and this a match made in heaven.
When I was single all those years ago, I had the occasional time when I'd date someone for a second time after a breakup.  It didn't take me long to remember why it hadn't worked the first time...
So, Palm... it's not you... it's me, OK... OK???!!!
Aw, never mind the feel good stuff, Palm you gave me a crummy device and I won't get fooled again.


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