Sunday, September 5, 2010

Use of Twitter on Mobile Devices is Increasing Significantly

It seems that thanks to the company's push, the use of Twitter on mobile devices is going up.  My question for that is: what the heck took so long?


According to an article on InformationWeek, handheld use has increased 62% since April.  However, that info pales when you consider the stat that in the last 30 days the majority of posts were made from the Twitter website (78%).

As someone who has been tweeting for almost as long as the site has been online, I find that I rarely use the website.  The majority of my tweets are done using my iPad, iTouch, Palm Pre, and computer based Twitter Clients like TweetDeck or Twhirl.  I personally see no need to visit the Twitter website to make a post.

So what's the reason for this?  Is it the fact that most of these Twitter clients don't do a good job of promoting themselves?  Is it that Twitter just doesn't do a good job of letting users know they can use a mobile device?  It seems the recent increase is due to Twitter having clients that are preinstalled on mobile devices so perhaps it's all of the above.  My take though is that it's still a computerized world for a lot of people and while Twitter seems to be growing in use, many still prefer the tried and true method of using the desktop computer.

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