Monday, September 13, 2010

Triodent - Better Mousetraps for Dentistry

I was fortunate enough on my last night in San Francisco to have dinner with the crew from Triodent including their CEO Simon McDonald.

Triodent is a great dental company hailing from New Zealand. They area a group of "outside the box" thinkers that create and sell lots of products that make the practice of dentistry easier.

While probably best know for the V3 Ring system, which is an outstanding sectional matrix solution, they also makes lots of great products such as the Triotray and the Griptab.

What I really like about Triodent is that they are in a never ending quest to keep making the lives of dentists easier. Their unique idea generating continually produces products that are truly "better mousetraps". At dinner I got a chance to see some of their newer products/ideas in early stages of development and came away impressed. While I can't divulge what these were, I can say that I'm excited to see them come to market. Keep an eye on the Triodent website to get details on these new products as they become available.

Finally, the folks at Triodent are just plain good people. They run their business the right way and are wonderful human beings to boot! Their products are highly recommended!

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