Friday, September 17, 2010

Looxcie - Sees What You See to Capture Every Moment


For years now I've humorously said, "There are times I wish I had a camera that just recorded everything I see..." which is then followed by some story that would actually be funny... if only the listeners could truly see what I saw.  Well, it seems that someone else has also said and thought those same things because now a company called Looxcie (Look-see... get it?) has created a camera that does just that.
The Looxcie device looks similar to a BlueTooth headset, but in addition to providing hands-free access to your phone, it is a forward facing camera that records everything you see and hear.  It has 4GB of on-board storage and can record over 5 hours of video stored in MP4 format.  You can use it as a headset, or a camera, or both simultaneously.
The idea is a simple one (and the one I've dreamed about for years).  Put the camera on by placing it over your ear, turn it on, and it begins recording.  Similar to a DVR, it is always recording and when the memory is full it begins purging the oldest video so that you always have a huge buffer.  It's not a hidden camera, so there is no concern others won't know they are being recorded.
The next great thing is the sharing.  Since the device pairs with your SmartPhone via BlueTooth, you can Auto-Share clips with people you specify through the phone with just the push of a button.  Of course you can also connect the Looxcie to your computer via USB and edit and upload to all your favorite social media sites.
All of this, and the price is just $199.  For all the details, check out the company website. The device isn't available yet, but you can sign up on the site to be notified when units can be shipped.  As a confirmed gadget guy, I may just have to pick one of these up...
For the hard core hardware fans out there, here are the specs:
  • Weighs less than 28g (1 oz.)
  • HVGA video resolution
  • 4 GB on-board storage
  • f 2.8 lens
  • Auto high color and light correction
  • 5+ hours video storage
  • 4+ hours record time
  • MP4 video files
  • Fast-charging 365mAh lithium polymer battery
  • UL/CSA-approved power supply

  • Bluetooth Class 2
  • Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR
  • Hands Free Profile (HFP 1.5)
  • Dual silicon MEMS microphones
  • DSP-based noise cancellation
  • 6+ hours talk time
  • Range to 33 feet
  • Micro-USB Connector
  • USB 2.0 mass storage compatibility



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