Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GM Making Effort to Teach BlueTooth to Drivers

When I got the Tahoe last year, one of the options I was thrilled to have was BlueTooth pairing with my phone. No more need for a headset, my phone connects automatically when I start the car and everything runs through the audio system. When a call comes in, the climate system slows the fan, the audio mutes, and the phone is instantly available. I was thrilled!

Now GM has set up a website to help others get the same benefit. It seems that a study was done that shows only about 45% of drivers ever use the system in their cars. Now some of that my be skewed data due to headsets, but it certainly would be much safer if folks who simply didn't know how to set it up, could get help figuring it out.

Kudos to GM for trying to make the roads safer. BlueTooth is definitely a better way.

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