Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Discus NV Microlaser

Thanks to everyone who attended my courses at the CDA North meeting this past weekend in San Francisco.

One of the courses I gave was on Saturday with my buddy Dr Marty Jablow that was a hands-on course dealing with diode lasers. There was such a great interest from the attendees that I thought I'd make a few posts in the next few days dealing with the lasers that were at the course. Today's post will be about the NV Microlaser from Discus.

The NV Microlaser was the first 'toothbrush' sized laser on the market. It is incredibly light at 1.9 ounces yet delivers a full 2 watts of power. The form factor is just as impressive with dimensions of 6.3” L x 0.65” diameter which makes it completely portable. It's wavelength is 810 nanometers.

It has both a continuous as well as a pulsed mode that cycles at 10Hz.

The laser energy is delivered through a unidose tip that is held onto the device magnetically. The laser will fire only if a tip is in place. Speaking of firing, the laser fires through use of a cordless foot pedal that is powered by 2 AA batteries. Simply turn on the foot pedal, place a tip on the laser, turn on the laser, and you are ready to go.

The laser itself is powered by a Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. The unit comes with a charger that charges both batteries simultaneously. The batteries have a long life so clinical procedures are not interrupted by low battery warnings.

The NV is a nice unit with good features and an excellent footprint. For more info go to the Discus NV website.

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