Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anatomage is now Exclusive to Gendex and SOREDEX

As a cone beam user and a Gendex customer, I've been fortunate enough to be able to use Invivo's Anatomage software for the past several years. While there are lots of good 3D software products out there, Anatomage simply takes it to the next level, in my clinical opinion.

While I could go into great (and confusing) detail on why Anatomage is so near and dear to my heart, suffice it to say that I've seen a lot of 3D imaging programs, and as far as I'm concerned, it is the best.

Here's all the info from the press release:

Gendex® and SOREDEX® have signed an agreement with Anatomage to become the exclusive Cone Beam providers of the InvivoTM Dental 3D imaging software.

Invivo Dental has quickly become one of the most powerful and easy‐to‐use tools on the market for visualization and treatment planning of 3D cases. Pairing the Invivo Dental software with the highly acclaimed Gendex GXCB‐500TM/GXCB‐500 HDTM and SCANORA® 3D systems will result in a new level of ease of use and options in treatment planning for both specialists and general practitioners.

Going forward, the Invivo Dental software will become an integral part of all 3D equipment from Gendex, SOREDEX and their sister brands. Invivo Dental will no longer be available as a standalone software product that can be sold independently by Cone Beam manufacturers or dealers.

For Gendex GXCB‐500TM/GXCB‐500 HDTM systems and SOREDEX SCANORA® 3D owners who have already invested in their 3D CBCT machines, the Invivo Dental software, optional modules and upgrades will be available through the respective warranty programs of each company.

This new agreement aims to strengthen the already excellent offerings of Gendex and SOREDEX that provide clinicians with exceptional features, enhanced ease‐of‐use, and comprehensive control in treatment planning. Over the next year, the Invivo Dental software application will be further developed and tightly integrated into our hardware platforms with the goal of providing a seamless clinical experience.


  1. I'm an Invivo user but I have an ICAT machine. Does this mean they'll no longer support me??

  2. I can't say for absolute certain, but I have a very strong impression that iCat will not be left out of this.

    I wouldn't worry if I were you.