Thursday, September 9, 2010

Addent Releases New Calset Tri Tray

The Addent Calset Tri Tray is a nifty little device that will help you place composites with greater ease than before. The Tri Tray sits on one of Addents Calset warming bases which is black in the photo above. The Tri Tray (blue) holds composite, instruments, and their Comax composite delivery gun.

It keeps everything necessary for placing composites warm and easy to place. The device works with both syringes & any available "gun style" composite dispenser.

The idea is a simple, but good one. The device warms everything needed which makes the composite much easier to place. As well as warming the instruments which greatly reduces stickiness between composite and placement devices.

I saw a prototype of this at the Chicago MidWinter meeting and was very impressed. They are now ready for purchase. For more info, check the Addent website.

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