Thursday, August 5, 2010

Symantec Says Apple has a Serious Security Flaw in the iPhone 4.0 and the iPad Too

When I read about this, my blood ran cold... Mainly because I've been a big user of my iPad and at this point can't really imagine being as productive without it. Also, although I don't have/use an iPhone, I do have an iPod Touch using the iOS4 package.

It seems that Symantec has figured out a way that nefarious programmers could infiltrate the OS of these devices & take them over or 'brick' them (which basically means wiping them clean & rendering them unusable).

This has to do with the way the Safari browser handles PDF files. It seems that currently when Safari encounters. PDF file, it opens it by default. This *could* allow an unscrupulous individual to insert some code that would run but is disguised as a PDF. This type of attack has been used before, but not to my knowledge on an Apple device.

So far no word from Apple on fixes or if the vulnerability truly exists. While this would be a serious pain if it happened to my iPad, this type of attack could be devastating if it begins happening to iPhones, which peop,e are much more dependent on.

If I hear of any confirmations or fixes, I'll let you know.

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