Friday, August 20, 2010

Rumors Abound on Google's Chrome OS Tablet

Although no one has seen one yet, that doesn't mean they don't exist.  Rumors are running rampant that minds at Google are busy developing a tablet device that will challenge the iPad.

It makes sense.  The tablet/slate format is beginning to take off in a big way.  That's mainly thanks to the tremendous marketing talents of Apple and the popularity of the iPad.  Everywhere I go, people want to see my iPad and ask me about it.  So obviously, the market is really interested in more types of these products.

The rumored Google tablet is said to be manufactured by HTC who has worked on several Android phones for them.

The release date?  This is a great idea, if true, as the rumors are that it will be first available on November 26th, which is Black Friday here in the US.  Can you imagine the PR that could come from that?  Combine the regular shopping lines with the techie lines and it could be a serious media coup.

Google also has the benefit of having seen what customers like and don't like about the iPad.  At this point I would count the Google device as almost a "second generation" device with functions and hardware that Apple's first gen iPad doesn't have.

This could be a really interesting Christmas season!