Sunday, August 1, 2010

Solio Solar Panel Charger


Late Saturday, I purchased a Solio Classic charger.  The idea is pretty ingenious one.  The Solio contains a Lithium-Ion battery which can be charged via A/C, USB, or most importantly, solar power.  Once the internal battery has a charge, you can then connect any device to it with an iGo tip and it will charge just like it's plugged into a standard A/C charger.
The internal battery will hold a charge for up to a year and it will fully charge with 8 hours exposure to direct sunlight.
Recently I was on a 3 day camping trip and even though my wireless signal was weak, I wanted to make sure I had my phone charged in case of an emergency.  This meant that about every 12 hours of so I had to return to my vehicle to charge the phone.  With the Solio, I could've charged in my tent overnight and then recharged the system during the next day.
For all the details, check out the Solio website.


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