Friday, August 13, 2010

Audi i8 Will Come from the Factory with a Built-in Hotspot

A couple of years ago, Chrysler began offering a dealer installed option of a hardwired mobile hotspot that could bring the net to you & you passengers. Going that idea one better, Audi is now offering a similar option that comes factory installed.

Audi's system will allow up to 8 devices to connect simultaneously via Wifi or Bluetooth. No word yet on cost, but the Chrysler system was around $500.

My question is this: Why would I want this when my Sprint Overdrive can do the same thing in or out of my car right now? With so many devices now becoming mobile hotspots (like the HTC Evo and others) this seems like an idea that would have been groundbreaking 2 years ago, but is now a product many won't want or need.

Consider that I'm blogging this using the Overdrive from a hotel room, not my car. This is a cool idea, but as long as it's hardwired to the vehicle, I'll keep my current solution.

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