Thursday, August 12, 2010

Apple Puts iOs 4.0.2 Out to Stop Security Issues

A few posts ago, I blogged about a security issue in the latest iOS update that put users at risk due to a way for unscrupulous types to hijack an Apple device.  This was due to an issue with the way pdf documents were handled.  This security flaw/vulnerability had been noticed by  Symantec and when they went public with the info, there was quite a brouhaha over it.


So today, Apple is beginning the roll out on the fix.  This 457mb patch (a 457mb patch?) for iPad and 328mb for iPod/iPhone appears to be just a fix for the pdf problem.  As always make sure you backup, etc. before performing the update.  Mine is downloading & installing as I type this.  Thank goodness for broadband.  I can't even begin to imagine what I'd do without my speedy cable modem connection.  If you're in an area with slow download speeds, I'll talk to you next week.


My biggest question for Apple is... What took you so long?  You've known about this for almost a week and it took you this long to get a patch?  Not to mention a patch that is half a gig in size.  I mean, wow, it's not like anyone is really dependent on their iPhones or iPads after all.  Sheesh...

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