Monday, July 12, 2010

Vector MICROLite Hygiene Handpiece

As I wrote last week, I came back from a few days of R&R to find several boxes of things that needed clinical testing. One of the boxes was from Vector R&D. It contained several products and one of them could be tested quickly.

The MICROLite handpiece is designed to make the lives of hygienists easier, and it succeeds, according to the 3 hygienists we have on staff.

The MICROLite is tiny, at 3 1/2 inches. So tiny, in fact, that at first we all thought that would be a problem, but not so. Because of the shape which similar to an extended raindrop, the device fits easily in the palm of the user's hand and helps keep it balanced. In addition to the ergonomics, it also weighs in at 1.75 oz and is lube free.

The staff reports good torque and significant ease of use. The device lists for $500 and the staff rates it is a "buy".

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