Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Testing the Vector Ultrasonic & other Assorted Goodies

Vector scaler.jpg
We've been out of the office for a few days.  After the the 3D Congress in La Jolla, I took the week off, last week to do a little mental rebooting.  With the pace that I live my life, it's nice to have a few days to pull off a "stay-cation".
It was great to see the staff again as the Flucke team all regrouped at the office this morning.  There's always the trade off of time off, though.  My normal expectation is a mound of mail on my desk, a jumble of voicemails on the office phone system, and boxes of products to go through.  This return certainly didn't disappoint in any of those categories.
However, the big bonus for this return was the large box that UPS had left last week labeled "Vector Research & Development".  As promised, the good people at Vector had sent me some products to evaluate, one of which is their "Lil' Beaver 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaling Unit".  I had seen this device at the FNDC show in early June and I've been anxious to get a chance to test it.  The device, priced at $500, is aimed at the market to provide an affordable ultrasonic scaler that provides higher quality than similarly priced units.
I've decided to have the newest member of the hygiene team, Sarah see what she can do with this device.  Our office goal when evaluating products is to push them to the very edge and see how they perform.  After all, you can only really get a feel for how well something is made when you take it to the outside of the envelope.  I figure this is a great way to test the Lil' Beaver while also welcoming Sarah to the team!  My goal is to combine the use of the Lil' Beaver as a scaler and the Osspray Smartip as a uni-dose air polisher.  This can give us a third hygiene operatory with state of the art equipment.
Here is the lowdown on the ultrasonic unit:
The Little Beaver 2.0 is an upgraded of our hugely popular Little Beaver scaling unit.

Convenient front mounted water control with large easy to adjust dial - easy even with gloves.

Turbo boost, 2 position foot pedal - press lightly for dial regular dial power, press firmly for TURBO! Heavy calculus watch-out!

Digital power adjustment with LED lit power display panel.

Front mounted main power switch - shutting the unit off when left unattended just got a whole lot easier.

Accepts both 25K (long) and 30K (short) ultrasonic inserts - no adapter or switch, unit automatically adjusts to accommodate any style, brand or frequency.
Lays flat or mounts vertically in provided vertical mounting stand for optimal counter space saving. Fits almost any where!

Compare price, quality, and the features of the Little Beaver – no other scaler on the market offers so much at such a great price!

1 year warranty on the scaling unit, 6 months on the foot pedal and handpiece.
The Little Beaver or Vector is not manufactured by or in any way connected to Dentsply.  Cavitron is a trademark of Dentsply. 
As I said at the start of this post, there were some other goodies in the box as well.  You can count on more posts about Vector products in the not too distant future.

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