Saturday, July 3, 2010

Starbucks Confirms Free WiFi

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Ok, Ok, I know I drink too much coffee, but as I've said before, if caffeine or electronics will kill me, just start digging the hole right now. I'm a Starbucks Rewards Member and I got a great email on July 1. I've blogged about this piece of news here before, but since I received the official announcement, I thought I would repost it in it's entirety:
So starting July 1, Starbucks will be offering free, one-click, unlimited Wi-Fi within all of our company owned coffeehouses in the United States. What does this mean? It means Wi-Fi at Starbucks is now...
  • Free - there's no Starbucks Card required
  • One-Click - no username or password needed
  • Unlimited - no more 2-hour time restrictions

Just open a browser on your laptop or mobile device, click to connect and you're online. It's that simple.

For My Starbucks REwards members like you, this means Wi-Fi is now easier than ever and just one click away - plus you get to enjoy all the other benefits that come with My Starbucks Rewards: free coffee and tea refills, free beverage customization, special offers and the chance to earn free drinks at the Gold level.

See the complete details on My Starbucks Rewards

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