Monday, July 19, 2010

NOSCAR® Announces First NOTES® Transoral and Transvaginal Gallbladder Removals Performed as Part of U.S. Multicenter Human Trial

Although not related to a true "gadget", this is an amazing breakthrough.  As I like to say from time to time, not everything tech has a chip and an on/off switch.

The world of health care continues to move in the direction of what we call "minimally invasive".  Whether this is advanced digital caries detection and special techniques to create tiny cavity preparations or general surgical procedures done with a scope, the idea is the same.  The aim is to create as little damage and remove as little of the natural structures as possible.  Leaving the patients with more of what God installed in the first place.

Along those lines, Drs. Horgan and Romanelli have been able to remove gallbladders in patients using transoral & transvaginal surgical access.  The idea is basically to use the body's own openings to perform surgery rather than make incisions.

The press release has all the info. Give it a read and glimpse a potentially game changing technique.

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  1. Great Read, very informative and encouraging to hear about advancements not only in Dental but Medical as well! Love the Blog, thank you!