Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Northeastern University Develops Head Impact Detection and Alert System

It's a proven fact that helmets save lives... and teeth. If you are doing something risky, a helmet should be just another part of your routine. Of course, the helmet has always been a passive device; simply keeping the skull safe enough to usually avoid major damage. If an accident occurred, it was up to medical professionals to assess the situation and to try and identify the injury while trying to provide the most appropriate treatment.

Now, researchers at Northeastern University have developed a helmet that actively works to help indicate the amount of trauma the wearer has received. The helmet contains a type of accelerometer sensors which measure the impact and an LCD that uses colors to indicate the level of impact.

This type of data will provide valuable information to EMS responders as well as medical professionals in emergency rooms.

The full story from Northeastern University can be found here.

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