Friday, July 23, 2010

GM to Bring OnStar App to Market Later this Year

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For years now, GM has offered OnStar as an option on most of its vehicles. The service connects your GM product wirelessly whenever you request it and the service can run vehicle diagnostics, provide turn by turn directions downloaded directly to your GPS system, can unlock your car, and can even disable your vehicle if it's been stolen.

Those services are impressive enough (and there are others), but now GM is looking to put some of that power into the palm of your hand. Later on this year, GM plans to release apps for iPhone and select Android customers that will allow you to view your vehicle fuel level, available driving range, oil level, tire pressure, and other diagnostic info. It will also allow you to lock your car from your phone as well as remote start it. Imagine being no where near your vehicle and suddenly wondering if you remembered to lock it. Simply start the app, tell the phone to lock you car, and... presto!

I also think of those times in the summer when I land at the airport and think of climbing into a "lava hot" car. Now you can activate remote start from your phone and get into a car that has been running the A/C in anticipation of your arrival.

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