Monday, July 5, 2010

Facebook Working on Face Recognition Technology

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It seems that Facebook really will be... well Facebook.

The company that has seemingly taken over the world for those not interested in the ins & outs of hard core tech communication, has decided to increase the efficiency of members "tagging" themselves & each other in photos posted on the popular website.  The idea that came about originally, was that users can easily upload photos into their online albums.  They can then "tag" these photos indicating who is in them so that friends & others can see the photos.  This also encourages these users to "tag" others in their online albums as well.  This, of course, increases the social activity on the site and adds to the sense of community.

The problem comes because this is a fairly arduous process if you have lots of photos.

To make the whole thing easier, Facebook software will now automatically identify & select faces in photo and all the user has to do is answer the Facebook question "Whose face is this?"  It works in a very similar way that my Canon pocket digital camera works as well as most digital cameras on the market today.

With more and more users spending more and more time on Facebook, the company has indicated there are other changes on the way that will continue to increase user efficiency.  That's going to be good news to a lot of folks and it's also smart if Facebook wants to continue to be the number one site on the Internet.  Ease of use is huge if you want to continue to grow your user base and also to not lose existing users do to frustration.

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