Sunday, July 11, 2010

Evernote - Improving Your Life Through the Cloud

I promised more info on how the cloud is changing things for me and here is one more installment. I use and love Evernote on an almost daily basis. The idea is a simple one and well implemented. You can save notes, lists, and almost anything you can copy and paste to your Evernote account.

There are Evernote Programs available for almost every platform available and the system syncs between them all. Here is today's example:

I'm currently working on a webinar for Pentron and I'm deep into the creation process, but that also means outlining and making notes on what I want to cover. This weekend I've been mobile a great deal and that means I've been working on the iPad for a lot of this. The way I've been doing it is to make my notes in Evernote and then sync them to the Evernote servers.

When I got home to my Mac, simply opening the Evernote program and synching it brought all the notes right to me.

I'm also using Evernote to keep all my travel info organized as well as organizational info for my lectures and workshops for the next couple of years. Since it's info in the cloud, I can access it from anywhere. Cool huh?

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