Friday, July 30, 2010

Citigroup Finds a Security Concern in their iPhone App

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Citigroup is encouraging users of their iPhone app to discontinue its use and upgrade to its latest version.  Citigroup has indicated that the faulty app was accidentally saving info pertaining to the account of the individual using it.  The info included account numbers, bill payments, and security access codes.  This data being left on the device means that others can access it as well and that leaves the customer incredibly vulnerable.
According to Citigroup, the updated version will delete any Citigroup info that may have been stored on the device.  Kudos to them for discovering the problem, going public with it, and offering a fast solution.  The company has stated they do not believe that anyone was affected from the flaw.
This demonstrates that even apps that are approved by Apple and downloaded by customers from the App Store may not be free of bugs or security holes.  I expect to see more of these types of stories as our world continues to evolve around mobility  with the smartphone acting as the center point.  Cases such as this are the reason that I recommend waiting and not being on the leading edge of using apps such as this.  Give them some time to be used by others and have the bugs worked out of them before jumping in with both feet.

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