Sunday, July 25, 2010

Atomic9 Brings Bluetooth Wristband Speakerphone to Market

Atomic9 Bluetooth.jpg
If you're sick of walking around with that Bluetooth earpiece stuck in your ear (and really, who isn't sick of that?).  Then this device is for you!  The Atomic9 Wristband Speakerphone allows you to answer and speak into a Bluetooth device on your wrist.
It's equipped with Bluetooth 2.1, will do voice dialing, and even warns you when you start to wander too far away from your phone (I'm famous for doing that as I tend to "wander" while on business calls.
This is certainly an interesting concept.  I have Bluetooth in my Tahoe, so I'm a bit used to the concept of using Bluetooth like a speakerphone.  I only use my in-ear headset now when I'm at my desk on business calls and almost no other time.  Of course the drawback is that everyone can hear the speaker so this is only going to be usable in select environments.
It's currently available for $99 and all the info is at the company website.

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