Friday, July 2, 2010

AAWD is pleased to announce that EverLight was named the “Best New Product for Women for 2010





For a couple of months now, we've been using and evaluating the DentalEZ Everlight.  We've had it installed in our first hygiene treatment area... home of super hygienist Nikki and she has been thrilled with it for the last 60 days.  Last week she and i had a conversation about the Everlight and she stated quite adamantly that she wouldn't go back to using an incandescent light no matter what.  The light is amazingly bright, but not so much that it tires the eyes.  It has several settings to vary the light intensity and puts out almost no heat at all.  According to Nikki, the product is highly recommended.  Needless to say, we're pleased with the the fact that the Everlight is now "award winning".  Read on for more info:


EverLight is an alternative to halogen-based operatory lights that provides color corrected light, focused pattern and is energy efficient.

The LED EverLight provides energy-efficient features simply not possible using traditional halogen

lighting. The EverLight encompasses a long life of 30,000-plus hours, 10 times longer than halogen,

reducing the need for replacement of lightbulbs. Moreover, dental professionals will enjoy substantial

savings on monthly energy expenses, as the EverLight uses less than 35 watts of energy; 70% less

than halogen-based systems.

The new innovative design of the EverLight is ergonomically equipped with a standard third-axis

rotation, allowing limitless positioning for optimal illumination. Moreover, the EverLight is easily

installed in six mounting configurations.

For more information about EverLight, please call 866-DTE-INFO or visit 


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