Friday, July 9, 2010

1ft Glowing End Power Strip from Ziotek

Glowing end cord.jpg
If you use as many electronics as I do, you're bound to get frustrated with power strips. I mean, they're fine as long as you use standard devices with standard plugs, but it seems that more and more there is a plot my manufacturers to make plugs as non-standard as possible. It's really not to unusual to have 2 or 3 outlets per strip go unused because of plugs that overlap or are oversized. It's very frustrating to buy a power strip with lots of outlets and then let some of them sit there unused through no fault of your own.
So, naturally I was intrigued/delighted when I came across the Liberator® from Ziotek. This cord connects your power strip to the A/C plug on your gadgets. It's nice because the cords are all uniform and therefore allow you to use every outlet on your power strip. They also have a small neon bulb in the female end that indicates if they are receiving power. This can be handy if you have more gadgets than available outlets in your power strip.
A 3 pack is available for $14.99. Not a bad price for a nifty little device that could decrease your stress level. Ordering details from

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