Saturday, June 26, 2010

When it All Seems so Simple...

At my talk yesterday at the 3D Imaging Congress, I had the good fortune to be introduced by my friend Dr. Larry Emmott. Larry and I have known each other for 14 years or so and our technology paths cross from time to time.

When I discovered he would be introducing me (about 30 minutes before my start time), I dug through the my images on the Mac and found a picture taken by our friend Dan Martinez at Comdex in 1998. The pic showed Larry, our mutual friend David Dodell, and I at the start of the 1998 Comdex show. It was a fun walk down memory lane.

However, when I looked really closely at the picture, I could see a banner that said "Don't Forget to Visit the New USB Pavilion". Later Larry and I were talking about that and how in 1998 USB was something new and terribly exciting. I can remember talking about it 6 months later at lecture at the ADA meeting and everyone scribbling notes furiously about the strange animal called Universal Serial Bus.

Well of course USB is something now taken for granted as are many other tech things that were huge in their day. Larry and reminisced about drive sizes, memory, portable hard drives, and the computing power in our mobile phones.

It's a tremendous compliment to the evolution of the gear that many things now work without a lot of user intervention. So think about that for a minute... the next time you get frustrated because your broadband connection won't download a file fast enough, think back to the old days.

We're carrying more computing power in our cell phones than NASA used to land on the moon! That's powerful stuff.


  1. John,

    It was good to see you again. Great presentation!

    Larry Emmott

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