Wednesday, June 23, 2010

High Q Dental Introduces the EOS Headlight


The folks at High Q Dental are currently taking orders on their soon to ship EOS headlight.  I was fortunate enough to get a unit to evaluate and have been very pleased with its performance.

The light is incredibly light, weighing in at .4 oz.  The overall weight is slightly greater since there needs to be a mounting bracket of some type attached, but even with the bracket, it is still light and comfortable.  The full output is 4.500 foot candles which, while not the brightest light on the market, is certainly bright enough for any dental usage.  The LED has a lifespan of 50K hours.

A feature that I really like is a rheostat to control the light output.  Most LED headlamps have buttons on the batter pack to control the light output.  Usually you get the choices of low, medium, or high.  The EOS has a small knob that can be turned to vary the output from full to off and everywhere in-between.  There is also a flip-down orange curing filter that is securely attached and easy to flip down while doing adhesive procedures that are light sensitive.

The battery pack charges from an electrical outlet (110v - 240v)and weighs in at 5 oz.  It has a clip that can allow it be attached to your belt or placed in a pocket.  A single charge will provide light for an entire day of dentistry.

The system is available for pre-order now and the entire setup is less than $700.  For all the info, visit the High Q webpage.  They've been around since the early 70's and make good products!


  1. Looks like a great product. I'll check into it as soon as I get a day off. Thanks!

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