Sunday, June 13, 2010

GatorPaste is Here and Others are on the Way!

One of the really fun things about traveling and lecturing is getting to see some of the really cool companies that participate in state meetings. On Thursday and Friday I was lecturing at the Florida National Dental Conference and I had a chance to check out the exhibits and see some cool stuff.

One of the companies I came across was Gator Paste, Inc. It's a company, run by a dentist, with a neat marketing idea. They have an agreement with the University of Florida to sell "GatorPaste" a toothpaste branded with the U of F Gator. It's a great idea, but it doesn't stop there. Before the fall, you should also be able to buy toothpaste featuring the Florida State Seminoles and the Miami Hurricanes!

The company is also in negotiations to have "Buckeye Paste" for The Ohio State University and possibly even "Wolverine Paste" for the University of Michigan.

Personally I'm hoping for MU, KU, and KSU paste for our local 3 schools here in the KC area.

I even bought a case of Gator Paste just because it was such a novelty!

For more info take a look at the Gator Paste site!

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