Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Faster Version of Wifi is on Its Way - Although It's Going to take a While to Get Here

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I love WiFi!!! I was thinking the other day how much wireless has changed my life.  I spend my time in my office and at home enveloped in the high speed goodness of an untethered broadband connection.  Whether it's using my iPod Touch at the office or my iPad at home, I'm rarely without the net anywhere I'm based.  I've even upgraded my traveling wireless broadband this week by picking up the Sprint OverDrive 4G wireless hotspot.

Now comes word that the Wi-Fi Alliance, which is the industry standard bearer, has announced adoption of a brand new standard that may boost data speeds potentially 10 times at short distances.  It will use a 60 GHz frequency (currently we're using 2.4 GHz).  The current thinking is that it may very well show up first in Blu-Ray players that will allow them to wirelessly stream video to TV sets that are setup to receive the signal.  Other devices will obviously follow.

The bad news?  The new standard isn't expected to arrive for 2 years.  Bummer, but it's worth waiting for.

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