Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Backing Up

Greetings! Today's post is being done via 4G wireless broadband while I'm working remotely while taking a few days out of the office.

I'm a firm believer in backing up. If you've ever been to one of my presentations where I discuss the whole "Flucke" process, you know how over the top I am about protecting my data.

Well, it's not just my office & patient data that I'm so passionate about, it's also my personal stuff. I've got way too many memories to gamble with the electronic devils of data storage...

So... on the Mac at home I'm currently running Time Machine which is built into the Mac OS. It's not the best backup system, but it does allow for rolling back areas or the entire system in case of disaster.

I pair that with a 1Gb portable hard drive from Western Digital. This Passport drive came out of the box with WD Smartware. This software turns the drive automatically into a backup drive with minimal intervention by the user. It can be user configured if need be, but does a pretty god job right out of the box. It takes a system inventory & then does a backup as files change.

The next step is an online backup by one of my favorite security companies, F-Secure. Their online backup is $50/year and, like the WD drive, takes a system inventory then copies out files as they are created or changed. These files are stored offsite on a secure server, but can be downloaded by me from anywhere as log as I have my user name & password.

Think I'm done? Good, I'm proud of you... because I'm not. I also use a replicating program (Karen's Replicator) for Windows & Synchronize X for the Mac. This allows me to manually backup all my important files for redundancy & quick access. So this is for my redundant photos, music, presentations, documents, etc.

The best part is the first 3 options here are automated. Only the last option requires any effort on my part. It's not that difficult & besides you *know* you should be doing it... right... right?

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  1. Great ideas John. We just upgraded our server and I wanted to get your 'take' on things.

    Don Zelazny
    Waterford, MI

  2. John, all good suggestions. Would love to talk to you about another options. A non erasable (WORM) file system purpose-built for data retention, authentication and compliance. Also supports local and remote replication, with full audit trail. Optionally packaged with the Drobo, it give you a plug and play solution for long term file retention. I think this may be something your audience would be interested in. Check out for more info.