Tuesday, June 8, 2010

AdDent, Inc Calset Makes Composite Placement a Breeze

Calset 907.jpg

The folks at AdDent make some really incredible products.  They are what I like to refer to as "better mousetrap" products where they take an idea and improve on it so much you simply can't do without it.


The Calset is one of those devices. It consists of a base that is plugged into a standard AC outlet.  The base gently warms in about 10 minutes.  On top of the base, you can place several different modules that hold different materials.  The one pictured above, is warming compules pre-loaded into dispenser guns.  However, there are also modules to hold individual compules, composite syringes, anesthetic cartridges, a veneer tray to organize and warm bonded veneers, and soon there will be an instrument warmer as well.


The composite suffers no ill effects from being warmed and is actually much easier to place as even the stiffest consistencies flow easily when gently warmed.  This means better adaptation, easier placement, and faster procedures for the patient.  Using the Calset is an everyday part of our restorative routine and makes our lives, and the lives of our patients, much easier.  This is one of those products I just couldn't do without!  It is highlly recommended!!!

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