Saturday, May 29, 2010

Impressions after the Deka Laser Experience

I've been lecturing on lasers for about 10 years now. I love teaching the science and the nuances beneath the sales pitches and sales literature. Lasers are amazing devices and they are changing the practices of doctors who use them and patients who receive the treatment.

The Deka unit performed admirably. It is a CO2 unit which has an affinity for water and bone, but it's first and foremost a soft tissue laser. It comes with a variety of handpieces and tips that allow fairly easy access to anywhere in the oral cavity. It is a "non-contact" laser which means you don't have to touch the tissue to get results. You can affect the tissue from a fairly good distance away.

The unit comes with a fully adjustable firmware package that lets you set the laser to pre-programmed settings or to use your own. It even offers a pulsed mode vs. continuous wave.

I watched a frenectomy, biostimulation of inflamed tissue, and a treatment of perio pockets.

After the observation, we cut on some pig jaws so that I could get the feel of it. It was a short learning curve for me so we moved into live patient treatment. I performed a maxillary frenectomy in less than 5 minutes with no bleeding and only 9mg lidocaine with .0045mg epi.

If you are looking for a soft tissue laser that can perform a variety of soft tissue procedures quickly, then give the folks at Deka a call.

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  1. I first saw the Deka laser several months ago at a John Julian implant course and was thoroughly impressed. I'm a technician, but if I were a dentist looking for a laser system, Deka would be a no-brainer. The CO2 feature sets this product above the rest by eliminating bleeding and dehydrating the soft tissue, causing it to retract automatically for impressing. With this baby, packing cord would virtually be a thing of the past!