Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Google Overhaul is Coming Wednesday

Google will be rolling out an update on Wednesday and to commemorate it they are also changing the logo a bit by doing away with the shadowing. I must confess that I've always like the shadowing and think the new one looks stark and dull, but it's not my decision now, is it?

The Google site overhaul will basically give lots of options down the left hand side of the search page that will tie in other potential points of interest with whatever the search topic happens to be.

This is the first serious overhaul that Google has done in some time. However, it may not seem so new to some as Google has been using the new design in beta with some users for almost a year.

They have said the rollout will be done over time, so you may not see it immediately, but you will. Google does not take changing their design and layout lightly so I'm anxious to see how much more usability the site provides me.

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