Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dentium USA Introduces the SuperLine™ Dental Implant Product Line

The world of dental implants is on a treadmill of continuous innovation. What was once a very unpredictable procedure 20 years ago has become the first choice of dentistry today. Missing teeth are routinely restored with implants every day and they just keep getting better. An example of that is the new Superline Implant System from Dentium. Here is all the information:

Cypress, CA (May 4, 2010) – Dentium USA, a premier manufacturer of dental products developed by clinicians for clinicians, recently introduced its latest development for producing excellent dental implant outcomes, the SuperLine™ dental implant system.

The SuperLine™ dental implant system adds more diversity to Dentium’s original ‘Implantium®’ dental implant system which has over 10 years clinical experience. SuperLine is expected to bring excellent initial stabilization and osseointegration especially in soft bone cases and in sinus graft with implant placement cases. The advanced design of all SuperLine implant products provides many advantages over other dental implant products currently available on the market.

The tapered body design of each SuperLine dental implant provides great initial stability and excellent bone expansion response for reliable and easy installation. The tapered design creates an extremely stable, yet comfortably placed implant that provides excellent integration with surrounding bone anatomy.

Each SuperLine dental implant encompasses Dentium USA’s S.L.A. (Sandblasting with Large grit and Acid etching) surface treatment that facilitates the osseointegration process with a high predictability of success and provides more complete bone-to-implant contact throughout each and every thread of the implant, producing a well-attached base for successful osseointegration.

All implant diameters of the SuperLine share the same internal hex, like ‘Implantium’. The biological connection contained within the implant creates an even distribution load to the fixture, helping to minimize micro-movement and marginal bone loss. Furthermore, the conical hex connection between the implant and abutment interface ensures greater hermetic sealing and provides an improved tactile sense, helping to confirm a more stabilized abutment seating.

The double-threaded design of SuperLine dental implants reduces implant insertion time, therefore decreasing total chair time during the implantation process. The greater distance between the threads of the implants also helps promote early osseointegration, while the increased thread height helps augment initial stability.

Because all SuperLine components are equipped with a true single platform, only one abutment connection is used for all implants, reducing the need for multiple prosthetic components and simplifying the entire surgical and prosthetic procedure.

The all-inclusive SuperLine implant system offers a wide variety of implant diameter and length options for each individual case. For more information, please call 1-877-304-6752, e-mail or log onto

About Dentium USA

Located in Cypress, California, Dentium USA is the worldwide manufacturer and distributor of Implantium® and SuperLine™ dental implant systems. The company also provides a full line of prosthetic equipment, lab components, and surgical instruments. Because all Dentium products are created by working dental clinicians, they are easy to learn and use, cost-effective, and are of the highest quality. For over a decade, Dentium USA has been establishing itself as a global leader in the dental industry through vigorous research and development, state-of-the-art products, unrivaled customer service, and creative innovation.


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